0347 -7 Days Pill Box with 7 Compartments
0347 -7 Days Pill Box with 7 Compartments
0347 -7 Days Pill Box with 7 Compartments

-7 Days Pill Box with 7 Compartments

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7 Days Medicine Pill Drug Storage Box Case Mini Pillbox Container for 7 days

Medicine organizer box is ideal for anyone who needs to track their medicine usage each day and gives visual indication if the medicine has been taken or not. This can be used to store 1 week of medicine for any one taking their medicine 1 times a day. This also saves time when taking medicines, as the medicines can be filled for a week.

Most convenient?ÿ7 day?ÿpill organizer is the ultimate choice for those who are in long term medication and have to travel a lot at the same time. The organizer is small-sized and comes with the most user-friendly design. It's in the heptagon-shaped and has?ÿcompartments?ÿwith separate translucent lids.

Odorless unlike other medication storing plastic boxes, don't give away any sort of smell. The freshness or value of your medicines won't disappear. Yours pills be as fresh as ever even if stored for months. The plastic used is of precise quality and won't release any harmful toxins. Best medicine planner do you forget to take your vitamins when you travel. Do you forget if you had your medicine for the day, don't worry.